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STARLINE Track Busway and U.S. Safety Trolley has become a standard in Automobile Manufacturing. Today Assembly Lines change day to day with a commitment to lean cell manufacturing. In a competitive market with shrinking margins, the cost savings our products bring to assembly line changes makes it the industry’s power distribution system of choice. And our long history of powering overhead cranes and mobile assembly applications has earned us the trust of some of the biggest names in industrial manufacturing. Universal Electric brings more than just an outstanding product to the table, they bring years of experience creating working solutions for the biggest names in the Automotive Industry.

High Tech Assembly

In high-tech assembly facilities, the ever changing requirements for equipment power, demands a power distribution system capable of providing high density plug-in availability while being able to adapt to changing equipment configurations. We have helped electronics manufactures, aerospace engineers, circuit board manufactures, and bio-medial facilities redefine how they power their facilities.

Contract Manufacturing

Who needs flexibility and adaptability more than Contract Manufacturing? Constant changes to the production floor puts a lot of pressure on keeping up with production and keeping cost to a minimum. Our solutions not only minimize those pressures on your bottom line, but also allows you to adapt quickly to meet your customers’ production needs, earning their confidence and their business.

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