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STARLINE Track Busway’s versatile selection of plug-in units can be employed to meet any configuration, your lab requires. And STARLINE Track Busway is the perfect fit for interoperability labs, allowing end users to add and remove power quickly to expand capacity for new products with out the additional cost of an electrician. Because STARLINE Track Busway allows your personnel to quickly and easily add or change plug-ins themselves, you can eliminate the costs and scheduling associated with an electrical contractor, not to mention the savings resulting from reduced downtime.

STARLINE Plug-In Raceway helps labs and hospitals run at peak efficiency. And the flexibility of STARLINE Plug-In Raceway allows you to meet the constant changes a lab presents. STARLINE Plug-In Raceway is aesthetically appealing and available in a variety of colors, reliable, relocatable, scalable and able to deliver reduced installation costs.

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